A Better Presentation

Bug Slinger™ is an art driven clothing line born somewhere between the Florida Keys and the Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. While the rest of the fly fishing industry is continuing to develop tired designs for fly fishing apparel, we set out to create a hip brand built around artistic designs to reflect a fresher insight into our sport. Our clothing is an outward expression of the way we view fly fishing. The designs for our shirts, hats and accessories are influenced by current trends from the action sports, fashion and music industries.

Bug Slinger's clothing caters to you, the sophisticated angler and traveler who knows our sport. You want to let people know that you are serious about fly fishing and its image...and you want style. So, with that said, we hope you'll check us out and embrace a fresh approach to fly fishing designs.

Bug Slinger™ is about
Fly Fishing, Life, Style.

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